Friday, February 20, 2009

Busy Busy.....

Hello out there it has been weeks since I have been on here sorry! :( So lets see whats been happening at The Cox Household....

Earl went to San Diego, CA for a Children's Pastors Conference and had a great time. He got some new resources and even won a few things to boost the Children's/Preschool ministry. Met the Guys from GO FISH, and chose their VBS program for the Children at FBC to do this year. So the kids will get a backstage pass into the bible, I am excited to see the resources for this program. While in California he got to visit with his brother Tom.

Midterms came out and we had parent Teacher conferences with all three schools/teachers and the kids are doing AMAZING! Yeah! That is definitely a praise.

Michael and I are gearing up for our mission trip to Chicago, so please be praying about that for us. I seem to always get very sick just before I do any major trips with the youth, and I am not wanting this to happen here. We are busy getting last minute donations for the Youth Auction, and preparing for that, next Saturday and Sunday (February 28th & March 1st) BTW if you have anything you want to donate or you want to sponsor anyone of us or even get tickets to the Auction let me know, before Wednesday! :)

Rebecca has been preparing for her senior year picking out classes and getting ready for the ACT. She will be going on the Musical Mission Trip this summer and is gearing up for all the work that this will entail. She is such an amazing young woman, and I am so proud of her. It's hard to believe that she is growing up so fast, and will soon be a senior!

Michael and Katie tried out for the local community theater here in Augusta and both got parts. They are doing Suessical Jr. Michael will be playing JoJo, the mayors son from Horton Hears a Who, and Katie is going to be a Who. I am so proud of both of them, more than 75 kids tried out and some unfortunately didn't make it. I will post some pictures when they start having practices in March.

Kansas is great, the weather is pretty unbelievable many days of 60 and higher in February, sorry to all the snow loving* (:)) friends in Ohio!

I have been keeping pretty busy, and I sometimes feel busier now that I am a Stay a Home Mom again, than I did as a full time working mom. I am leading Middle School Girls Group, and we are meeting just about every Sunday. I have so enjoyed getting to know and luv these girls. God is good! We had a sleepover in January with 20 or so Girls, and last week did a combined group with the High School Girls and had a Fondue Party! So much fun, and wonderful yummy food, in fact it was such a great success that we are going to have an adult Girls Fondue party in march when I get back from the trip to Chicago. Bible Study is awesome as always we are doing Beth Moore's Living Beyond Yourself (The Fruit of the Spirit) and every week I think she somehow can see into my life. I am learning more and growing every day.

We have been here almost 7 months, and the time has really flown by. I still my family and friends in Ohio, but it's not as much of an ache. God is really working in me, and for the first time in a long time I am open to it.

So I have to get going, I am going to try to finish reading The Shack this weekend, I will write an update on the book when I am done, I have had to put it away because its very hard for me to read about the abduction of the little girl. But everyone keeps telling me to keep reading its worth it. I will let you know!

Know you are Loved, Thought of &Prayed for!

Love Christina