Saturday, December 17, 2011

Cute Cheap Christmas Crafts!

I thought I'd post a few cute Christmas Gifts that I made this year for Christmas,  These would be great for friends, neighbors, co-workers etc...  

This first one I thought of early one morning taking MR C to school.  It may not be original I've apparently have an addiction to Pintrest and so may have seen it somewhere on there.  I took these with my phone so the picture quality isn't the best but you get the idea.  
Ok So I was singing (very off key) and driving home to finish getting ready for work when I thought "MUFFIN" and Nothing sounded awfully similar! (I think I may have holiday ADD). Anyway this little gift Idea came to mind.   Muffin mix with this note:
When Santa asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year 
I replied, I wanted "MUFFIN" more than for my friends and family to be blessed! 

And so the quick crafting began
I made a postcard sized label/card printed and mounted it on construction paper (cause that's what I had available)  I bought some quick mix muffin mix blueberry (cause that's what our Walmart had!) then I bought a bunch of gift bags, (you could always use cute Christmas Lunch sacks or plain ones and decorate them!)
Viola! A Cute, Cheap, Christmas Craft/Gift to share!

This first one is the finished product all packaged up and ready to be delivered! 

This is the card/label I added to the front of each gift bag!  

This next one I know I saw somewhere else!  (I however forgot to take pictures of my own so I swiped some from the internet!) Mine were just as cute! 

For this you need a wisk, some baggies, or small cellophane bags, ribbon, and individually wrapped candy.
I added a little card/label that said:
We "WHISK" you a Merry Christmas! 

First get a whisk (I bought mine at the Dollar General)

Fill the baggie.cellophane bag with candy. Used the snack size Hershey bars, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, and York Pepermint Candy bars, as well as some of my favorite Peppermint Kisses

I added some curling Ribbon! 


Love it!  I am working on some more for my families Gift Exchange when we go to Ohio! 

Here's a Hint at what they are:
Hillbilly Smore's (for the White Elephant Exchange)
Tween Girls Fun! 
Family Movie Night in! 
I am hoping to be able to share them here soon! But I gotta get some housework (UGH!) done and get ready for a  fun night with some Middle School and High School Girls at our annual Sock Exchange Party! 

Have a Beautiful Day!


Friday, November 25, 2011

Christmas Countdown 2011...

If you are my sister-in-law STOP reading this post!  I repeat STOP!  I don't want you to not be surprised with your Christmas Gift this Year! 


For Christmas this year I wanted to do something fun and interactive for my brother and his family for Christmas, so I gathered tons of ideas off of Pintrest and put together my own version of a countdown to Christmas.  I included everything they would need to accomplish the tasks.  Below is what they had to do not in any particular order.  In (parenthesis) is what I included to complete the task for that day.  I forgot to take pictures of the bags and envelopes before I mailed them but they were the cute little Christmas lunch sacks from Wal-mart, I choose snowmen ones.  I attached a white envelope with a day 1-25 on it to coordinate with the day between December 1st and the 25th.  Feel free to copy this and use it all or what works for you!  
I printed the list below and put one day's task in each envelope)

(In Envelope One)  Today’s the first day of your countdown to Christmas!  I’ve included everything you need to have a merry and bright Christmas! Today you open a gift you can use throughout the countdown!  These Aprons are yours to keep, so make them your own with some fun decorations. 
(I included children aprons, apple barrel paint) 

Make Christmas cookies don’t forget to share them!
(I included cookie mix, and cookie cutters)

Hot chocolate and Christmas lights what could be better find the best lights in your neighborhood or even sit and gaze at your own beautiful tree.
(I included a box of Hot Chocolate and marshmallows)

Play a game together as a family everyone in their pj’s please!
(I included a Christmas Bingo Game)

Dinner is on me!  Have breakfast for dinner tonight!
(I included pancake mix, syrup, and microwave bacon)

Santa hats aren’t only for Santa Take a family picture with everyone wearing the hats
(I included Santa hats for everyone) 

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Listen to this Christmas CD! Call Grandma/Grandpa and sing to them!
(I included a New Christmas CD)

When the weather outside is frightful stay in and Watch a Christmas Movie and eat popcorn.
(I included a Christmas DVD and microwave popcorn) 

He’s making a list and checking it twice.. Have you been naughty or Nice? Write a letter to Santa! Mail it!
 (I included Stationary set for each child)
Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Have a Snowball fight outside or make some snowflakes!
(I included white craft paper, and some sparkly glitter fake snow)

A Savior is born! Read the Christmas Story from the bible
(Pretty Self explanatory

We all fit together, so as a family put the puzzles together!
(I included a puzzle for each child with a different Christmas scene) 

Make a paper chain to hang on the tree or to in a doorway
(I included a pack of construction paper)  
Do Something nice for someone (make their bed, pick up after them, make their favorite food etc…)
(Pretty Self explanatory)

It’s nice to receive mail especially at Christmas Write/Decorate a Christmas Postcards and mail them out!
(I included 12 pre-stamped postcards I purchased at the post office)

Today we remember what the celebration is all about I’ve included the M&M’s and a M&M Nativity Legend card do this together and share it with a friend!
(I included a copy of the Nativity you can find it here., and some snack size packages of M&M's)

Travel far away without ever having to leave home!  Read these Christmas stories to go someplace faraway!
(I included three Christmas Story Books)

Smore’s are a favorite treat of mine, all year long! So make some tonight by candle light or use the microwave!
(I included everything to make some smore's grahm crackers, hershey bars, and marshmallows)

Dinner tonight should be by candle light!
(I included two battery operated candles with extra batteries)

A little birdie told me something…. Don’t forget about your outside friends use this gift to give them a treat!
(I included a bird feeder with bird seed)

Your sweet feet and hands won’t always be this small, make a fun Christmas tree to remember when you were small!
(I included white canvas and paints to make a cute Christmas tree with hands and feet prints found here) 

The tree is up and almost perfect, use today’s gift to add a little sparkle!
(I included cute glittery ornaments with each of the family members first initial)

Over the river and through the woods to grandmothers we go, stay warm with today’s gift!
(I included a fleece blanket and pocket hand warmers, I knew they would be traveling form TN to Ohio and the change in temperature can sometimes be drastic)

Pick a name off the Christmas tree and buy something special for someone you don’t know! Use this Wal-Mart gift Card to make someone’s Christmas a little more special!
(I included a $20 gift card for Wal-mart)

Christmas Crafts are fun to do! Be creative and make something to share with another!
(I included some Christmas foam craft kits I found at the dollar store)

Most of the items were bought at either the dollar store or Wal-mart because that's what we have here in my town.  I had so much fun putting this together.  Most of these are things that my little family and I do together during the Christmas Season.  And so we thought it would be fun to share with my brother and his family! 

Hope these are an inspiration to you and your family!  I will post pictures of my family as we do some of these! 

Have a Beautiful Day! 


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving 2011

I have so many things to be thankful for this year, mostly my family! I am thankful for a husband that loves me, and supports me as I struggle to figure out how where I fit in this world.  I have two amazing healthy children who actually (most of the time) like each other, and spend time together! I am beyond blessed!  I miss spending the holidays with all of my family but when I can't be in Ohio with them I am glad to have the Hubby and kids who willingly go along with all my craziness!  We had a fabulous dinner!  Then played a game of monopoly!  KJ dominated most of the game she got Boardwalk and Park Place eventually putting a hotel on each.  MR C was out first then me.  The Hubby held on the longest but in the end KJ beat us all!  
This past month I have been saying what I was thankful for each day on facebook, and it's made my days a little brighter! It's so easy to get caught up in all the negativity of life, but when you are writing a thankful post each day it makes the days a little better, and it makes me really think about being thankful.  So what are you thankful for?  

 Our Yummy Turkey Dinner

After dinner and dishes we played Monoploy! 
 They kinda like having their pictures taken! 
 The Hubby got a big break when he won the Free Parking Spot and all of MR C and My properties
 KJ is not sure what just happened but don't worry she still won!

 The Hubby Counting his loot from Free Parking
 KJ concentrating! 

Wishing you a Happy Full Thanksgiving! 

Have a Beautiful Day!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Photo Shoot!

Last Saturday MR C and KJ and I  headed out to take some photos for Christmas cards/presents for the family, I told them early in the week not to plan anything for that afternoon so we could have some time to do this.  It was cold, it was windy, we do live in Kansas so I am not sure why I am surprised by that.  Anyway they did great!  I on the other hand wasn't feel the best so after about an hour and a half we headed home! Here are a few of my favorites! Now all I have to do is decide which ones go in the Christmas cards!

Have a Beautiful Day!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Charlie Brown!

MR C Was in his High Schools Production of You're a Good Man Charlie Brown, last week.  It was such a great performance by all the kids in it! So much fun to see their personalities come out in their charcters.  MR C played Schroder and did a Fantastic Job!  Here are a few photo's from the Show! 

 MR C before the Show

 The Bio

 The Opening Song
 On the Bus
 Playing Beethoven 
 Attempting to avoid Lucy's advances

 Schroder and Sally

 Beethoven Day!

 My New Philosophy!

 MR C After the show
 Lucy still trying to put the moves on! 
 Schroder MR C, Lucy ANG, Charles Schultz/Kid CORB,
 MRC with some friends after the show
 MR C and KJ

We are so thankful that our kiddos have the opportunity to be a part of  the music/drama department in our school! 
After Saturday's show we hosted the cast party at our home!  Such a great group of kids.  It was to windy to have a fire outside so we roasted hot dogs and made smores inside using the fire place! I think the kids had a great time, however we could tell who were drama kids and who the crew kids were by where they sat in the room!  

Have a Beautiful Day!