Wednesday, April 27, 2011

summer reading

today is the kinda day i wished i could be home, in my sweats with a fire in the fireplace snuggled in a blanket, reading a good book.  makes me long for the days of summer where i can spend a whole day reading, so my goal this summer is to read some books from my childhood/school days.  what ar some of your favorites?  send me ideas.

have a beautiful day


Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Photos 2011

This year for easter we had a fabulous service at the church and then choose to have a nice quiet dinner at home.  The Hubby, MR C, KJ, and I had nice dinner, took some photos and enjoyed each others company for the afternoon.  MR C & KJ took their new kites out and tested their superb flying ability, ate some dinner, ate some candy. Then we all headed to the church for our Mission Trip Practice.  (I'll post more about this soon!)  Below are some of the photo's from the day!  (I didn't get any of the kite flying but I am sure with living in Kansas we will have plenty of opportunities to fly the kites and get pictures then!) 


KJ, Me, & MR C

 The Hubby w/ KJ & MR C

 Me with KJ & MR C

 Saturday night we Dyed some eggs!

 Have a Beautiful Day!


Photo Fun!

SO I know it's been a while since I blogged!  I have really been meaning to I promise just life gets in the way! I have thought of great things to say or post and then when I get home and actually get time to get on the computer it's gone!  I'm sorry to all my loyal followers! Here are some pictures I took of KJ and her Friend T.  No special Reason other than I really like to take pictures and they are middle school girls who like to have their picture taken great combination! You can't tell in the photo's but it was a very chilly windy day! I hope you enjoy them!

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Have a Beautiful Day!