Friday, January 29, 2010

It's Birthday Time!!!!

This week MR C turned 14!  I can't even believe that I am old enough to have a teenager let a lone a 14 year old but I am! :)  (And I am ok with it, mostly) So I thought I'd share a few pictures of how We have celebrated this week!   Monday on his actualy Birthday day we had an ice cream cake. Tonight (Friday) we made reservations at Kobe for dinner. We haven't been to a Hibachi style resturant in several years infact since we lived in New Mexico, and the kids were little.  We had a great time! I got a few pictuers, but we were laughing and just enjoying the experience so I missed out on some. 

The Hubby & I
The Kids @ KOBE
The Hubby & MR C
MR C with the Cake
Me & KJ

Making Fried Rice
                                                                                                       Our Dinner: Yummy!

After Dinner we headed to a movie, and all enjoyed ourselves there.  MR C has yet to decide what he wants for his birthday, so we will trek out tomorrow and see if he can find something he likes! 

Have a Beautiful Day! 

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

One in a Million!

I am currently taking a Women's Bible Study right now called One in a Million by Priscilla Shirer. Check out or weekly updates on it here at the FBC Women's Ministry Blog .  Anyway today as I was reading my daily reading several things really hit home with me so I though I'd share them here!  I am excited for class tomorrow so I can share them with the group of women.  First some background, this study is about the  Isrealites 40 year journey through the Wilderness after Pharoh realeased them from slavery.  Exodus  So this week we are talking about how God led the Isrealites through the wilderness, not as a punishment but to help them.  All to often we (me especially) look at these wilderness times in our lives and complain, or wonder why me!?!  As I  am reading this book, and reading the Bible, I am really starting to understand that those wilderness times in my life were to grow me, to stretch me, and that's not such a bad thing.  I tend to focus on the fact that I am in the wilderness, and I fail to see the oasis.  God promises that He wil be with us, but we forget that he says he will refresh us as well Psalm 23:2-3 .  God Loves you (and me) and has not forgotten you... He will never lead you into a place that will not work toward accomplishing His purpose for you.  Jeremiah 29:11      So Keep on marching, keep yor head up and know that you will be brought out of the wilderness, and the Lord will give you all you need.  Philippians 4:19  

Consider this prayer as a tool to help you in your wilderness journey:

God:  According to Philippians 4:19 I believe that you will meet all of my needs according to your glorious riches in Christ Jesus.  Lord, thank You that You are a shield around me.  You are my glory and the lifter of my head (Psalm 3:3). As I journey, Lord, please reveal Your Love for me that according to Ephesians 3:17-20, surpasses knowledge and fills life with Your fullness.  Thank You for being able to do immeasurably more than I can ask.  In Christ Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

Have a Beautiful Day!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Youth Mission Trip/Auction

It's that time of year again (You Know, Youth Auction Time!) and I wanted to show you what your donations for the Auction and or sponsorship of some one going really is used for. First though I want to say that No matter what you are able to give, even if it's just prayer it matters! MC C, MRC and I had the pleasure to go on the musical trip together last summer and MRC and I went to Chicago last year for the Spring Break trip and even though both trips are so totaly different the message is the same to serve God by serving others.  In Chicago we worked with inner city schools during the day then had diffrent tasks in the evening, one in where we boxed a three day supply of food for families in Chicago. In the few hours we were there we packaged more than 1,000 meals.  Here are a few pictures:

The Musical trip is so different than the Spring Break trip but the same goal is accomplished, we share God's love with the people.  A musical/drama is written based on what is going on in the life of the students and it shows how God is working and using them.  Here are a few pictures:

If you need tickets to the Auction Dinner $10 (Suggested Donation) or want to sponsor contact any youth at FBC.  If you want to help our family with a donation for the Auction or sponsorship please let me know! I do ask that you will be praying for us as we prepare and for those that we will be in contact with over spring break in Houston, and this summer with the musical trip. 

Have a Beautiful Day!


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Reading Through the Bible in a Year (Week 2)

So anyone else out there doing this? This past week has been great, starting the day in God's word really sets the tone for the day! (and it's Good)

Friday 1/8: Genesis 18:16-19:38 Matthew 6:25-7:14 Psalm 8:1-9 Proverbs 2:6-15

Saturday 1/9: Genesis 20:1-22:24 Matthew 7:15-29 Psalm 9:1-12 Proverbs 2:16-22

Sunday 1/10: Genesis 23:1-24:51 Matthew 8:1-17 Psalm 9:13-20 Proverbs 3:1-6

Monday 1/11: Genesis 24:52-26:16 Matthew 8:18-34 Psalm 10:1-15 Proverbs 3:7-8

Tuesday 1/12: Genesis 26:17-27:46 Matthew 9:1-17 Psalm 10:16-18 Proverbs 3:9-10

Wednesday 1/13: Genesis 28:1-29:35 Matthew 9:18-38 Psalm 11:1-7 Proverbs 3:11-12

Thursday 1/14: Genesis 30:1-31:16 Matthew 10:1-23 Psalm 12:1-8 Proverbs 3:13-15

Last week in Genesis I read about Abraham and Sarah, and how they had to choose to be obedient to God's plan for them they had to get up and move (from the land they knew) and they had to trust that God would be true to his promises, sometimes they took things into their own hands (those usually failed) but when they were obedient to what God had for them they were Blessed! We could learn a thing or two from them, When we are Obedient to God's timing, God's plan for our life then we to will be blessed! My prayer is that this week you will join me in reading God's Word, and you to will be blessed by it! Happy Reading!

Have a Beautiful Day!
Love Ya

Friday, January 1, 2010

Reading through the Bible in a Year (Week #1)

Ok so this morning went great! I got up, warmed up some coffee, and started my Bible Reading for today. I wasn't sure when to post the weekly reading but I think Friday's will be the best day for me. So every Friday I will post the Reading for that week! Feel free to join me in this endeavor. And even Post comments if you have them! Here is this weeks Reading:

Friday 1/1: Genesis 1:1-2:5, Matthew 1:1-2:12, Psalm 1:1-6, Proverbs 1:1-6

Saturday 1/2: Genesis 3:1-4:26, Matthew 2:13-3:6, Psalm 2:1-12, Proverbs 1:7-9

Sunday 1/3: Genesis 5:1-7:24, Matthew 3:7-4:11, Psalm 3:1-8, Proverbs 1:10-19

Monday 1/4: Genesis 8:1-10:32, Matthew 4:12-25, Psalm 4:1-8 Proverbs 1:20-23

Tuesday 1/5: Genesis 11:1-13:4 Matthew 5:1-26 Psalm 5:1-12 Proverbs 1:24-28

Wednesday 1/6: Genesis 13:5-15:21 Matthew 5:27-48 Psalm 6:1-10 Proverbs 1:29-33

Thursday 1/7: Genesis 16:1-18:5 Matthew 6:1-24 Psalm 7:1-17 Proverbs 2:1-5

Have a Beautiful Day! Happy Reading!

Love Ya