Thursday, January 14, 2010

Youth Mission Trip/Auction

It's that time of year again (You Know, Youth Auction Time!) and I wanted to show you what your donations for the Auction and or sponsorship of some one going really is used for. First though I want to say that No matter what you are able to give, even if it's just prayer it matters! MC C, MRC and I had the pleasure to go on the musical trip together last summer and MRC and I went to Chicago last year for the Spring Break trip and even though both trips are so totaly different the message is the same to serve God by serving others.  In Chicago we worked with inner city schools during the day then had diffrent tasks in the evening, one in where we boxed a three day supply of food for families in Chicago. In the few hours we were there we packaged more than 1,000 meals.  Here are a few pictures:

The Musical trip is so different than the Spring Break trip but the same goal is accomplished, we share God's love with the people.  A musical/drama is written based on what is going on in the life of the students and it shows how God is working and using them.  Here are a few pictures:

If you need tickets to the Auction Dinner $10 (Suggested Donation) or want to sponsor contact any youth at FBC.  If you want to help our family with a donation for the Auction or sponsorship please let me know! I do ask that you will be praying for us as we prepare and for those that we will be in contact with over spring break in Houston, and this summer with the musical trip. 

Have a Beautiful Day!


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