Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This is the Stuff

So I am loving this song by Francesca Battestelli.

  Check out the Women's Ministry Blog for the story behind this song!

Yummy Cake Truffles

Ok So Sunday Night I made these yummy cake Truffles found here,  for work.  Let's just say mine weren't as pretty as theirs, but they were yummy!  Want the easy peasy recipe? Ok here goes!  

Get a cake mix (plus ingredients need to make the cake), a can of frosting, chocolate/candy melts: 
I picked Chocolate and Chocolate but any combo would work!  

Follow the directions and bake a cake!  

Let it cool for a bit and break it up!  It's really unnatural to do this I know but trust me you can do it! 

add 1/2 can of frosting mix together (I did mine while it was still a little warm)

Mix until it forms a dough like consistency

Scoop out small balls on a tray then refrigerate to set.  
(I used a small scoop)  Mine made about 6 dozen small balls.

Let them set for about an hour or overnight!  
Melt your chocolate/candy melt. Then dip  your ball in the chocolate or if you are like me and can never seem to get the dipping thing to work, drizzle the chocolate/candy melt on top!    You could add sprinkles, nuts, mini chocolate chips on top if you like.  

I made chocolate ones and Strawberry one's and they both were yummy!  I think next time I may do lemon, or even a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting.  

The photo's don't really do these yummy sweet treats justice.  They are the perfect size if you just need a little sweet treat!  Hope you enjoy! 

Have a Beautiful Day!