Sunday, November 20, 2011

Charlie Brown!

MR C Was in his High Schools Production of You're a Good Man Charlie Brown, last week.  It was such a great performance by all the kids in it! So much fun to see their personalities come out in their charcters.  MR C played Schroder and did a Fantastic Job!  Here are a few photo's from the Show! 

 MR C before the Show

 The Bio

 The Opening Song
 On the Bus
 Playing Beethoven 
 Attempting to avoid Lucy's advances

 Schroder and Sally

 Beethoven Day!

 My New Philosophy!

 MR C After the show
 Lucy still trying to put the moves on! 
 Schroder MR C, Lucy ANG, Charles Schultz/Kid CORB,
 MRC with some friends after the show
 MR C and KJ

We are so thankful that our kiddos have the opportunity to be a part of  the music/drama department in our school! 
After Saturday's show we hosted the cast party at our home!  Such a great group of kids.  It was to windy to have a fire outside so we roasted hot dogs and made smores inside using the fire place! I think the kids had a great time, however we could tell who were drama kids and who the crew kids were by where they sat in the room!  

Have a Beautiful Day! 


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