Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Every year our church hosts a Harvest Party the Wednesday prior to Halloween, we have carnival style games, pass out candy and get to dress up!  It is so much fun!  I love to see all of the creative costumes! Plus it's a great way to reach out and share some love with our town, in a non-threatening way.  There is no charge and everyone is welcome! (See Christians can have fun! :)) I personally luv Halloween and dressing up! Who doesn't like to feel like a kid again sometimes! Anyway all of us got in the spirit! The Hubby reprieved his role as Spice T (you might remember that from VBS this summer) I came as Mary Poppins! MR C was a Jack in the Box (he made the costume entirely himself) and KJ was Perry Platypus.  We all had a great time and even got a little candy afterwards! Here are a few of the pictures!

Have a Beautiful Day!

Me as Mary Poppins!

The Hubby  as Spice T

The Hubby and I!
KJ finishing up her School work prior to the festivities
KJ as Perry Platypus

MR C and I
MR C as a Jack in the Box

MR C hamming it up for the Camera!

The Hubby! (I think he really likes the clock!)

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