Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Musical Mission Trip 2009

We are back from the 2009 Musical Mission Trip and boy am I exhausted! I thought I'd be able to blog from the road but my cell phone and blogger don't like one another so that is why there are several posts with jibberish. The trip was amazing! We went from Missouri to Maine and back. The students did a fabulous job and I am so glad I got to be a part of it. Two weeks is a long time to be on a bus with 57 othr people and it could have been filled with drama and attitudes but it wasn't. (Praise God)
I have put some pictures on my facebook so feel free to check that out as well as some others who have posted pictures via facebook.
SO I am gonna just say I hope you had an opportunity to see the Musical because God was at work in it each night. Each time I saw it my eye's were opened to something new. Our first night was in Chilcothe, MO (the place sliced bread was invinted no joke) We had some yummy grilled burgers and hotdogs at a beautiful park then shared with the church. After sharing we headed to host homes for our first nights rest. My host was Ginny an older woman 86 (I believe) and she was wonderful. Kori, Lydia and I stayed with her. She talked an told us many stories of her life and we found we have something in common her Daughter and Grandson's live in Findlay, Ohio! No Joke! That's my hometown. She knew all about Deitches and thier yummy icecream and chocolate. She had been there just a few short weeks prior to us staying with her for her grandson's wedding. Small world huh! Then we got up the next day and headed to Wheeling West Virgina. Now if you've never been to West Virgina I gotta tell you it's a lot different than Kansas. There is no flat land in West Virgina. When we arrived at the church and parked the bus I felt as though we were on a roller coaster at the top of the hill just before you fall......thank goodness the brakes work! We had our first night of Fried Chicken and it was good, little did we know that would be the theme of the trip! :) We get everything set and share with the congragation of WFBC. Our third day in we leave for Armonk, NY. I will post more on this later as I am tired and need to get up in the A.M. to get back to my working out! So this will have to do for now! Have a Beautiful Day!

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