Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Look what I can Do....

Hey there blog world!  So I have been sick and it's not getting any better (YUCK) oh and I was late to the appointment so the Doctor wouldn't see me. UGHHHH!!!  In an effort to not sit here and sulk and since I am at home feeling yucky, and  trying to rest.  I thought I'd try being a little crafty (to try and brighten my day). 

  KJ had no school last thursday and since I was just getting sick we stayed home, and watched an episode of Martha Stewart.  It was the Wedding show!  Now since I never had a wedding (we went to the courthouse to get married). I love to watch wedding shows, and dream of someday having a big wedding, with the dress and all the extra's.  (A Girl can dream right!) Anyway the whole reason for this post was to show you the cutest, quickest craft, I saw on her show. KJ and I thought these would be cute to make for her friends, or at a birthday party and since her birthday isn't until August.  Here are some pictures:

These Fun Flower Rings were so much fun to make! and sooo Easy!  I gotta go show KJ how to make them she is finally home from school!  Have a Beautiful Day! 

Want to see how to do it?  Check out this link: Martha Stewart Show

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  1. Those are totally adorable. I watched the video and I'm going to make them with my girls. Yeah!! Thanks for passing it on.