Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What been Going on Lately?

Ok so I haven't been blogging to much lately but we have been busy.  So what have I been up to lately?  We had our final gathering with the Pure in Heart Study (a mother/daughter bible study on purity) Here are some of the girls at our ending ceremony: This is me and KJ as I am presenting her with her new True Love Waits Ring:

For Spring Break we took a road trip to Ohio and New York and then back home. While in Ohio we celebrated my Grandma's 68th Birthday:

And I got to see and visit with some fabulous people:

My Friend Barb and I, Some of my former youth Girls (boy do they grow up fast!) Me with Niki & Tiffany, Me With Sophie Rose

Me & Brigette   KJ with her Best Buddy and Cousin Quention

We took a few days and headed to New York to see Scarlett The Hubby's oldest Daughter and her new Baby M

The Hubby with Baby M (Can you see how excited he is to be a Grandpa) Baby M, Me with Baby M!  He was so sweet and such a Beautiful baby.  The new momma is doing well and has really taken to motherhood, we are so proud.  After pulling sweet baby M from my arms we headed back to Ohio and stopped at Niagara Falls, NY MR C and I have been there before actually just before we moved to Kansas with our Youth Group back in Ohio.  Anyway it is still Beautiful no matter what the season.  My only disapointment was that we weren't able to get up real close to the falls like we were when we went in the Summer.  Here are some pictures of our time there!

The End! 
Have a Beautiful Day!

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  1. Sounds like you had a fabulous trip!! I absolutely love the last picture!