Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tablescapes Luncheon

Today was the Tablescapes Luncheon at Church, my friend Amy and I hosted a table together. 
(see the pictures below for our table)

I have a Funny story as to how we got the tableware for this luncheon.  I am a HUGE Goodwill Shopper!  Infact I love, Love , LOVE, to go there and look around to see what I can find! A few weeks ago I went looking for tableware for this Luncheon.  I found 8 Dinner Plates, and Dessert plates that matched, and were kinda cute.  (and cheap to!)  So I picked them up.  The next day I happened to be driving by the Goodwill again and thought I might as well stop, to see if I could find some solid color mugs to match the pates.  When to my amazement I found the matching mugs! (Yeah! ) so I scored a full 8 piece set of dinner plates, dessert plates and mugs for less than $10! Awesome! 

Want to see all the Beautiful Tables?  Check this link out for the WM Blog!

Have a Beautiful Day!


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