Monday, September 5, 2011

What we've been up to!

We survived a crazy busy summer and are currently getting used to the new routine of school, and work, and living life!  August went by in a flash!  We started school, and Celebrated completing our third year in Augusta! Yeah!  MRC a Sophmore (already! gosh the time has flown by) has jumped in full force with being Student Council Vice President,  in Debate, Show Choir, as well as his regular class load!  This week he auditions for the High School Fall Musical (CHARLIE BROWN)   KJ is a seventh grader, had a "BIG" birthday!  She is officially a TEEN @ 13! We went out to celebrate with a few of her friends (I'll post some Photo's soon) Friday Night, had a family dinner with the Hubby's Dad who was in town visiting Saturday Night, and even lunch with some Awesome Friends Sunday!  KJ has been getting in gear for Cross Country and has her first meet this week! (RUN, BABY RUN!) 

We also had a wedding!  MC C moved out, got married and started her second year of college!   

 We shared in the small private ceremony with MC C and her new hubby, wow that's a little weird to say! MC C asked me to take the pictures which I love to do!  Her are just a few!

The Dress

 MC C & KJ

 MC C & Me
 Grandpa & MC C
 The Hubby, KJ, MC C, & MRC!
MC C & The proud pappa

The Happy Family!

Have a Beautiful Day! 

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