Monday, March 30, 2009

~*~ Chicago Part 2 ~*~

Day 4: This morning we were at Chase agin in the morning, I worked mostly on AR Data Entry fro Ms. Ryan and talked with a couple of the students they are working on the Three little Pigs story from the wolfs point of view and had to compare to the traditional story. The two children I talked with were two that I helped the day before with practicing sight words. I also talked with MS Ryan when the children went to lunch about teaching she had previously worked at an Alternative High School with severly behavioral disorder students, and has been at Chase a few years. She was telling me all these amazing places to visit in Chicago so I am hoping to go back someday and visit some of these places. After the School we were again given a map (ha ha) and taken up town to "meet a need". With this project we were given $5 and some boundries as to where we could and could't go. So Alecia, Drake, Michael and I headed off. I think my theme for the trip was getting lost, because we realized after a few minutes of walking that we had gone one street over the boundry lines. We turned around and headed back in the right direction. We walked for a few minutes and talked a little bit about what we thought we might do to meet a need, not one of us had a clear idea so we walked. We came upon a school and we all knew instantly that we wanted to do something for the children playing on the playground. Alecia went and aked if we could buy popcicles for the children and the the playground moniters said yes. I went across the street to Aldi's and bought two boxes of popcicles. We passed them out to the school children, and had a box and a half left so we decided to pass then out as we found our way back to our meeting spot. Most everyone we asked was thankful for the cool treat on this unusually warm afternoon. We passed all the popcicles out and met at Mc Donald's. We stoped to get a snack since we wouldn't be having dinner till late. During this Michael had bought a cheeseburger, fries and a drink. When I saw him again his food was gone I asked where it was and he said "Mom, there was someone outside who needed it more than I did." So he had given someone else his food. I was so proud of him and offered to but him more food and he said "NO, She really needed it more than me!" I was very proud that he could see someone elses need above hi own and he was willing to act on it. After this we headed over to Crossroads Community Center to serve food in thier kitchen. We walked in and it was dark and dirty and sad. Very institutionalized. Not very welcoming. We quickly doned aprons, gloves and hairnets and set to work. We had the kids work the serving line and I went to the back to wash dishes. We saw very quickly that there was not a lot of love for those being served and it saddened me. We were told it was ok that the trays werent coming clean as long as thier wern't big chucnks of food on them. It made me sick to my stomache to think that it was ok for these families to eat off of dirty plates and have food cooked in dirty pans. Some good things came of us being there Debi connected with a mom and her children and was able to make sure she got back what she lost thier. We saw God at work even in this dirty little room.

After CCC we went to Vietnemese for dinner and The Mom's all sat together, it was nice that we had an opportunity to do this. We laughed and ate and shared and just thoroughly enjoyed each others company! I feel so Blessed to get to spend time with them and get to know them each better.

Day 5: Our last day at Chase, was bittersweet many of us purchased things for the individual rooms we were in, and to hear the stories of the children's reactions to the sports equipment bought was incredible. I think each one of us wanted to stay and work and do more but we couldn't. I know I wish I had, had more money to help supply more of what they needed. Today I was able to talk with MS Ortea the teachers aid in Ms. Ryans class and she is a wonderful person. We shared about our children, and the struggles we have trying to get them to see that they are blessed to have what they do have.

After working at Cahse we went and had Chicago Style Pizza and it was so delicious! We then went ot the Chicago Food Depository. It was such a fun place to work there were 100 + volunteers and we went into the wharehouse were they had a u shaped conveyor belt and we boxed food. We packaged over 1,100 boxes that would feed a family of 5 for 3 days thats like 20,000 + meals! They had such a rythm going that your could hear the beat it was really neat to see everyone at work and truly wanting to be there and serve. I got to see Michael in action!

After debriefing we came back to the house and finished up for the night Debi and I went to the basement to wash a few things and we cleaned the staff bathroom, boy did it need it! We got to giggeling and headed upstairs and just when we get the girls quieted down Debir, Christy and I get to giggeling and can't stop, I think exhaustion takes over cause we finally get to sleep and prepare for our departure the next morning!

Day6: We get up and take our final showers at CSM and Christy and I walk over to get a Coffee at Starbucks, it was nice sharing with her and getting to know her so much better on this trip. Busy day of Sight seeing visiting the Science and Industry Museum, then to Navy Pier and dinner at Bubba Gumps. After our long day we head over to the Church we are stayin at and get settled in for the night! We palyed some cards, and really enjoyed our last night of Chicago!

Day 7: We get up make breakfast and clean up the church. It was so neat to see each of us take an area and really work at cleaning. My favorite part of this day was Valen getting in the Baptismal and scrubbing it! We drive to our final stop along the way. As we are driving we (all the Girls) have some discussions and its really neat for me to see these girls open up and share from thier hearts. We get to the Church we are staying at and they have fried Chicken for us for dinner! Yummy Yummy! We eat, get showers and have some fun time. Even here at our final stop we knew and felt God with us.

Day8: Driving, Driving, Driving..... That's basically what we did all day! I feel like I have gotten so much out if this trip. I have gotten closer with some of the students and many of the adults. I feel like I could and would do this again tomorrow! I feel blessed to have been a part of the team that went! I am excited to see how God will use this experience in each one of us.

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