Thursday, April 23, 2009

God is so good! When I went to Girls Group last sunday this was written on the board! (see picture)

When someone does this for me it makes my heart smile! I think we all need these little reminders once in a while! Is there someone that God has put on your heart that you need to encourage or send a little note to or just call. God tends to put people on my heart and usually I act on it and most of the time it's just at a point when they needed a little encouragement. Now I know these times are not because of me they are all God led! And I am Thankful when I get to be a part of them. So has God put someone on your heart? Are you Going to act on it? Have a Beautiful Day!

Love Ya Christina

P.S. I am hoping to update more this weekend with some prom pictures! See ya then!

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