Thursday, December 17, 2009

I Triple Dog Dare You! (Please do not do this!)

Ok so we have all seen The Christmas Story movie you know the one: "you'll shoot your eye out" At our house it's hubby's favorite Christmas movie so we end up watching it a lot around Christmas time. All of my kids have seen it, many times so on Monday night when KJ ran out ahead of me after Basketball practice I never imagined what I would see when I came out of the school. Yep she did it, she somehow stuck her tongue to the flag pole(the how isn't hard to figure out but the why is, or seems to be!) Let's just say that my first instinct was to take a video/photo using my phone because I knew this would be blog worthy happening. I didn't (now I am kicking myself), instead I worked quickly to get her tongue unstuck from the flag pole (yes she really did it!) The other coach for her team ran inside to try to find a cup to fill with warm water to unstick the tongue. I was outside working her tongue (it's gross so I won't go into details, let's just say a Mom's gotta do what she's gotta do to help her babies out!) off the pole and KJ proceeds to yell at me with her tongue still attached, I told her now was not the time to yell at me, and to calm herself down. She was embarrassed (ya I know posting this won't help that) , hurting and scared, so I let her go with just the warning. The other coach comes out with a wet paper towel and I am able to work the rest of KJ's tongue off the pole. Let's just say that the tongue can bleed! Using the paper towel to keep pressure on the tongue we head home. Now I have to tell you it is very difficult to not laugh when you find your child stuck to a flag pole. I held off until we got home and I knew she was OK! Today KJ can laugh at it, not quite as much as we can, but some day she will. SO parents please warn your children, that some things they see in the movies are real! (like sticking the warm wet tongue to a freezing cold metal flag pole!)

Hope you have enjoyed this as much as we have! I will have you know that KJ is fine, her tongue is a little sore but it stopped bleeding shortly after we got home and she is able to talk normal now.

Have a Beautiful Day!


The Below Picture is not for the faint of heart. Remember I told you that poor little KJ's tongue bleed a lot! Well it seems there was a little proof of monday's fiasco. Remember I also said that my first instinct was to take a picture and I didn't but today I had the chance to. That's what the picture is of. Now it sorta grosses me out that they haven't cleaned this off the flag pole at the school and if your wondering yes they did know about it we had a chat with the school nurse Tuesday morning when we took KJ to school.


  1. Bahahaha!! Poor KJ!! I hope her tongue heals completely very soon!!

  2. LOL!!! Oh my goodness....did she think it was "JUST IN THE MOVIES"!!! That is hilarious...and good for you for not laughing until you got home. I'm not sure I could have done that...and no picture...bummer....but what a good giggling about this! Not for KJ's tongue of course...but just the thought that she did it. Oh what kids will do!

  3. @ Nellie the tongue is healing nicely!

    @ Randa we have always told the kids that not everything you see in the movies is real I guess this is one we should have said was real! and we too are still giggling about this and probably will for a while!

  4. MOOOOOOOOOM! You forgot to metion that it pulled off some taste buds and I AM NOT laughing ABOUT it ...everyone at school made fun of me and it hurt when we had luch because it was chile