Friday, April 30, 2010

New Friend Friday: Most Embarrassing Moment!

The Girl Creative
It's hard to pick only one most embarrassing moment!  I could tell you about the time I asked my neighbor about her pregnancy only she wasn't pregnant! or As a youth worker trying to show some middle school girls the proper way to do a roundoff, only to fall on my bottom and fracture my heel!
Nope I got it I'll share how a few short years ago, we took several van's full of Middle School and High School students on a video scavenger hunt!  As a driver I didn't have to participate but we were having so much fun and I luv being a part of the youth games so I thought why not! The task was to hang upside down, sing the national anthem to the tune of Giligan's Island.  No problem right!  Well lets just say, I should have listend when R said.... I don't think this is a good idea... you don't have to do this...  and it's all caught on tape!  (Her warning too!)  Needless to say I didn't listen, I went to the three tired bar thingy, chose the lowest one (thinking I would be safe, HA!) and proceeded to gently lower myself backwords to hang upside down.... only my hands skipped and I fell!  I fell Hard hitting my head on the ground trying not to cry, cause it hurt.  The kids all got quite, I know they wanted to laugh it was funny!  Painful but Funny! So I laughed so they knew they could!  Since this was all caught on video a few weeks later it was nicely (NOT!) edited to look as though I repeatedly fell, hitting my head.  I did get a hard hat out of it! :)  Wonder where that video is?  HMMMMMMMMMM! 
What's your most embarrassing moment? 

Have a Beautiful Day!



  1. Hi Christina! Welcome to NFF. I love your embarrassing moment story... too funny :) Cute blog, I love your layout. Have a fabulous weekend!


  2. HAHAHA...I had a friend asking me if i was pregnant....But i was just fat. HAHAHA.
    I am your newest follower to your cute blog. Beautiful family!
    I also have a French Obsession Party and Give away tomorrow!!

  3. LOL! Happy FF!!!! I think I need to wear a helmet at all time=0) DON'T ASK QUESTIONS, LOL!!! I love your blog, so cute. I'm a new follower and I'd love if you followed me back=0)