Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm a working Girl!

Ok so with the summers schedule and me now working full time I have sorta let the Blog go!  Sorry! (I hope you can forgive me!)  I will try to post a little more, once I get used to this new schedule! So far I love Love LOVE my new JOB!  Seriously, I am not sure I have ever felt this way about a job before!  What am I doing you ask!  Well I am a para educator or better known as a teachers assistant.  I get to work with the third fourth and fifth grade classes!  YEAH!!  I have enjoyed everyday! and I can't wait to go back on Monday!

SO this week has been big for our family!  KJ started middle school! I am not liking this one bit! (ok, ok I know she has to grow up but does it have to be soo fast?) Anyway!  Monday night we had orientation!  Where we go to tht school check out the building, meet the teachers, and try to open the dreaded locker! It went fabulous!  I even got a few pictures!  
This is the ok mom seriously I can open the locker leave me alone look!

KJ in front of the School!

MRC had his first day of High School! (Seriously I can not be old enough to have a High School Freshman can I?) I didn't get to go with him to his orientation, since I was with KJ.  But I did get a picture! Only one outside the school.

MR C Outside the High School!

After the orientations we went to Dairy Queen to celebrate with some icecream~
MR C & KJ waiting for thier Blizzards!

All in all this has been a pretty good week!  KJ likes middle school and her teachers! (YEAH!) and MR C loves High School and  his teachers! (YEAH!) 

Big Daddy (Hee Hee that's what I am gonna call the hubby from now on) is preparing for his fall schedule! Promotion Sunday is this week, then in a few weeks Kids Club (soon to be called Disciple Land) will begin! 

MC C  is busy preparing for some big changes and also starts her on line classes next week.  (YEAH!)

SO that's all for now!  I will be a better Blogger!  Have a Beautiful Day and an AMAZING Weekend!

Love ya Christina

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