Monday, June 27, 2011

Canada Eh!

This Picture pretty much sums up my philosophy on what we are to do as Christians!
This picture is from our last stop on the trip Columbine Hills Church in Littleton, CO

Well I thought I'd share some of my experiences from our Mission Trip this year!  Complete with some of my favorite pictures! This  Picture is from Day 2 we stopped in Beuna Vista, CO to Whitewater Raft.  I  have never been before, but I can't wait to go again!  It was fabulous! My Cheeks hurt from smiling/laughing so much!  That Night we shared with FBC Delta, CO. We began sharing, and the power blew, but the kids kept on going!  The tech guys get it restarted and it blows again! Satan was really fighting us sharing that night!  Again our fabulous Tech Guys got it going again and our group shared Morphed!  We stayed in host homes for the first time on the trip and I so enjoyed getting to know my host family! Roe was amazing and to hear her story was fantastic!  Also she became a Grandma again while we were there! How exciting! 

A few days later we have lunch at Mo's @ Tolovano Park, OR and had some time on the beach before lunch.   Below are a few pictures from the beach that day!  It was freezing! 
 MRC & KJ on the Beach!  The Rock in the background is called Haystack Rock.  


The Hubby and I just enjoying some time together on the beach! It was so beautiful and powerful! God's amazing handiwork was showing through here!  The ocean and the waves crashing on the shore was a beautiful sound.  I only wish we had a little more time there to take in the view and sit and listen to the sound of the waves crashing on the shore! <3 

My Birthday fell on the trip and we spent it in Whistler BC.  (some of the 2010 Winter Olympics were held there)  We rode a ski lift to the top of a mountain then took a gondola across to another mountain, and back then the ski lift back down the mountain!  Talk about feeling small!  Riding across the mountains we chose to ride in a gondola with a glass bottom so you could see below you! The view was breath taking and again we saw how  majestic God is.  There was snow (lots of snow) on the mountain, and I can honestly say I have never had snow on my birthday before until this year!  <3  It was pretty fabulous way to spend my birthday, and I am not sure anything could top that!

 KJ & I
MR C & I

The Hubby and I part way up the mountain! 

The view!  
 The Hubby ad I!

The view from the Gondola going across the two mountains! The ski lift we took is in the bottom of the picture!  At one point we were above the clouds! Seeing and experiencing Gods magnificent handiwork was breathtaking! I don't even have words to express how amazing this was to experience!

 I will share how He (God) worked on me and spoke to me directly another day!

Have a Beautiful Day!


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