Thursday, July 7, 2011

Get out your hammer!

So I found a super cute craft even the craft challenged could do!  Plus you get to use a hammer! 
This was so easy and actually a pretty quick pendant to make!  Here is what you will need! 
1 Teaspoon (I bought a pack of 3 @ Dollar General)
1 Hammer 
Some Moge Podge
Scrapbook paper or an old card
I could write out all the directions with pictures but it's getting late and I am a little tired so check out Dorian @ Busily Spinning Momma  I found her super easy tutorial here!

This is what mine looks like!  

I've already gotten requests from KJ & MR C (for his friend!) to make more! 

I used an old Christmas Card, and Modge Podge to seal it! (that's what I had on hand didn't feel like making a Wal-Mart run!) 

Have Fun Crafting! 

Have a Beautiful Day! 

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  1. Thanks for the shout out and linking back C! You've made my day :) Love how yours came out!Super cool :)
    P.s...for some reason blogger won't let me comment with my login on some blogs...sooo frustrating!!!