Thursday, August 4, 2011

~New Me~

I love this time of year!  As summer break comes to a close, and we prepare for school to start I feel like it't time for new beginnings. I have had a crazy busy summer, yet I have had some time to really seek out God's will for me and my life, as well as my role in my family, ministry, work, etc..  I have to come to a conclusion (with some gentle prodding, or hard shoves in some cases), that I need to begin with me.What I mean by this is I need to start taking care of me physically, emotionally, spiritually before I can be effective to anyone else.  So if I it seems I have pulled back or I am not around much it's me not you! I promise.  Some of the ways I am doing this is by getting healthy, diving into God's word everyday (making it a priority!), and getting rest!  I am in the process of setting some smaller more attainable goals to work up to some bigger ones. One of those I am actually breaking now so I will end for now, but will update soon!  What goal am I breaking?  To get more rest! (I will not use or be on  the computer after 9:30 p.m.)

Have a Beautiful Day!


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