Sunday, May 6, 2012

KJ Track 2012

As I write this KJ has exactly two days till her last track meet for the year! We are so very proud of her and the Awesome Job she has done this season!  KJ has raced in the mile, 400, Sprint Medley, 1600 (Mile) Relay, and the 200 yd Dash.  She earned several ribbons/medals as well as a couple first place finishes.  Here are a few pictures from this season.

KJ Such a goofball! 

KJ with some of her friends! 

I love her face in this photo! Such determination! 

This school year has gone by in such a flash!  So hard to believe she only has one more year of middle school! My baby is growing up way faster than I would like! 

Have a Beautiful Day! 

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