Wednesday, May 9, 2012

MR C Forensics 2012

MR C has had an amazing second year in Forensics!  

Made it to State! (WOOHOO!) and National Forensics Qualifiers!  Needless to say we are so very proud of him!  He has worked so very hard this year and done an amazing job! Last week we had the Forensics Awards Night!  All the Seniors received their pins for NFL (National Forensics League), and several of the students shared their pieces.  MR C shared his DI (Dramatic Interpt) 
MR C Waiting for the evening to begin. 

Mr. Lanier & Mr. Park 


This Years Forensics Team! 

MR C with his friend Mariah

Mariah qualified for National Forensics!  The first student from the High School since 2001-2002!  So very proud and excited for her!  She leaves the first week of June for Indianapolis to compete.  Fundraising is going on to help send her to Indianapolis. Can't wait to see how awesome she will do!  

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