Saturday, August 22, 2009


All of us: Ben, Tori, Rebekah, Michael & Me in Springfield, Mo.

Tori & Me

Tori & Ben

Don't worry She didn't forget the welcome mat!

Packing the van. Wow! That's a lot of stuff!

Ok bloggers this week we have friends visiting from Texas and Ohio! My good friend Rebekah and her girls drove up from Texas to visit us before they move to Georgia next summer. And while she was here we made a trip to Springfield, MO. to pick up Tori so she could move to Texas with Rebekah to go to school and to help out Rebekah while her hubby is in Iraq for the 2nd time. It was such a good visit, and I can't wait till we go down to Texas and visit with them this December. Having her here this week reminded me of how we met and how much of a God thing that was. Have you ever had a friend that you know God purposely gave you? Rebekah is that friend for me and I think I am that friend for her as well. We met the first time in a BSF ladies bible study, and then the next week in church we were in the same sunday school, at the church Earl and I had just started attending. Two meetings in one week may seem like a coincidence to some but we knew we were destined to be friends. Our girls KJ and Lilliepie get along amazingly and they have remained good friends even through the distance. So not sure who all reads this but here's a question for you: Do You have a friend like this that no matter where you live near or far from each other you are great friends even best friends? Tell me about it!


Rebekah & I on our trip to Springfield, MO.

Tori and the girls!

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