Tuesday, August 4, 2009

One Year and counting....

KJ September 2008

KJ @ Camp July 2009

Well Bloggers it's official we have been in Kansas one year! WOOHOOO! It's very hard for me to believe many days that we have only been here a year, and other times it feels like we just left Ohio. So what has happened over the past year you ask? Well lets see...
KJ has completed the fourth grade and will be starting her last year in Elementary School. She has grown at least 5 inches and is growing up way to fast for this momma's liking. She is just a few weeks away from celebrating her 11th Birthday. KJ went to camp for the first time and had a blast, she went tubing and completed the Challenge course, and made some new friends. She still loves getting mail and asks regularly if she has anything form the mail that day... So keep on writing.

MR C September 2008 MR C July 2009

MR C will be starting his last year in middle school and will be starting this year as a Home schooled student. (yes we both have a lot to look forward to ) He has made some amazing friends here and I've been told he is the glue that brought them together. I believe that we moved here at the right time. Over the last year Michael has gone on an inner city mission trip to Chicago, working with the homeless and with a school there. He also went on the Youth Musical Mission trip" Broken and Poured Out, where we traveled from Missouri to Maine and Back with a stop in Findlay. MR C has gown the hair out, cut and is currently growing it out again. This net year will be an adventure for both of us as we prepare for Homeschooling.

MC C September 2008 MC C July 2009

MC C has had an incredible year filled with doing many things she hadn't done before. She will be a Senior this year and so her last year of High school is before her. Over the last year she has been in a musical for school, on the Debate team and was a Counselor at camp (and she even liked it!) She went on the Musical Mission trip, and to High School Camp. MC C is looking forward to this year and her first year of Show Choir, I did ask if I could be one of those "Show Choir Mom's" and she is still deciding I am sure it will be a yes. I can't sew but I can wield a mean glue gun!

Earl has had an incredible year. He has helped to grow the children's and family ministries... He ran VBS: Back Stage with the Bible, and J.A.M. Camp this summer. And is looking forward to the next year with Children and Family ministry. I am so proud of him and all that he has accomplished and how he has allowed God to work through him this past year.

As for me I have made some Amazing friends and really enjoyed staying home and being a homemaker this past year. I am excited and a little nervous for homeschooling but definitely looking forward to it. I have enjoyed being here at FBC and thankful to God that he moved us when he did. I have seen God work through all those worries/concerns I had prior to our move. I am still working with youth, and running Middle School Girls group. I am learning to rest (a little), I am even taking the month of August off. I have a group of women that hold me accountable and I am so grateful to them. I am so proud of my family for all they have done this past year and I am looking forward to the next year year and many more to come.

Have a Beautiful Day

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  1. I'm so glad you moved to Kansas!! I look forward to getting to know you and your family even more!