Saturday, August 22, 2009

Senior Pictures

So today MC C and I went out and took some more pictures for her senior year and had so much fun. We picked out a few changes of clothes before we left and headed out and around Augusta to take some pictures. We have done this one other time a few weeks ago and plan to get some more in the coming weeks. I love taking pictures, especially of my children but sometimes it seems we never have any time so when the opportunity for this came up and the weather was as amazing as it was today I couldn't pass up this chance. Hope you like them! We decided to do our own pictures rather than go to a professional for several reasons one being the cost and two we have the freedom to be as creative as we want and to pick and choose when we take them! So let me know what you think!


  1. Those are great!!! Digital photography has given us so many more options to do take our own pictures. You did a fabulous job and she looks beautiful!

  2. She is a beautiful girl. Great job on the pictures!