Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Let Go Book Review

Ok So I again and posting a review for Thomas Nelson Books. This time it's for Let Go by Sheila Walsh. This would make a great ladies study or small group book discussion. Sheila Walsh writes in a way that speaks to many. This is not a book to try and read in one weekend, I believe the author intended it to be read at a pace that will allow you to really take in what you've just read. Each Chapter starts with scripture and quotes that relate to that chapter, and ends with thought provoking questions or deliverance delivered and prayer. I love how she starts the book out in her introduction "to be delivered you have to let go" The stories and quotes she uses through out the book are fit perfectly in each chapter making this a book you could use for the specific area you are struggling with, skipping over the other chapters.

In Chapter one Fresh Baked Grace for the Spiritually Hungry, Sheila talks about Seeing God in everything. I can think back on so many times in my life that I didn't see God in the everyday kind of things. He was there I just wasn't looking

Some of My Favorite Quotes are: God's Love for us is not based on our behavior, ...It's based on his heart and his character. That's Grace"

"To Have my hands free to receive grace, I have to be willing to let go of whatever I am clinging to."

"The Ground at the foot of the cross is even. There are no podiums for those who feel most worthy. There are no pits for those who feel most worthy. There are no pits for those who feel they don't belong. The only way to break free from this dead, stale religion is with the glorious gift of fresh-baked grace every morning for the rest of our lives!"

The chapter that spoke the most to me was Living in the Past. How often do I talk to myself in a way that I wouldn't dare talk to another person? All to often. This chapter opened my eyes to some of those things that I am "holding on to" that keep me from fully allowing God's Grace to wash over me.

I would have to say that overall the book was not your typical Christian Self Help Book, Sheila Walsh makes you do the work yourself, and really look into what's going on in your life. Her thought provoking questions really make you think. If your looking for a great book discussion book or small group study this would be a great choice. I will leave you with one last quote from the book that really got me thinking.

"in Christ our very wounds and scars can be redeemed. Pain is hard: there's no doubt. But pain reminds us why Christ died. It reminds us to bring our wounds to the wounded Healer so he can make us better. In turn, we can comfort others as we have been comforted and look to a future free form hurt. We are not asked to pretend our wounds don't exist, but to let go and stop holding on to them so tightly."

So Let Go!

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