Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our Back Yard Camping in Pictures and words!

So we got the fire going, and it was good, the wind would kick up quite a bit but it continued to burn! Yeah!

The tent is up and filled with sleeping blags, blankets, and even a flashlight or two.

We roasted marshmellows. Actually I roasted marshmellows, all the while KJ and MR C caught them on fire and tried to catch each others on fire. I think I have a couple pyros on my hand here.


KJ Enjoying the night.


Even MC C and the Boyfriend came out to roast some marshmellows.

MR C and KJ I think they are trying to come up with a stratagey to turn the marshmellows into flame throwers.

MR C in the tent, this was before the rain.

MR C and I stayed in the tent until 1:47 AM. Why 1:47 am you ask?! Well that when the earth began to shake, I still wasn't asleep so I not only heard the tremendous thunder but I felt it and saw the amazing flash of light! Did I get pictures you ask? Nope sorry my first thought was to get me and MR C out of the tent and into the house before we got struck by lightning or soaked with the rain that began pouring out of the sky. KJ had decided earlier that tent camping wasn't for her and went into the house. (Smart Girl) To my utter amazement MR C slept through the whole thing. I on the other hand have had about and hour and 45 minutes of sleep. These Kansas thunderstorms don't bring me a sense of calm and peacefulness like they seem to with everyone else. So as I sit here enjoying my second cup of coffe for the day I am praying the sun will come out and dry up the flooded tents!

I almost forgot to post the best part of the evening, before the rain, we were sitting around the fire with KJ, MR C and talking and hearing thier dreams.. KJ wants some amazing thigs, like to pass a law, to have a women's baseball leauge (Not Softball), she wants women to play in the NFL, and to be the first female President. (Makes a momma proud!) The Sky's the limit! MR C wants to be involved in ministry but not sure exactly where yet, he wants to make a difference, and learn to play the guitar better. Even MC C and the Boyfriend got in on the discussion..... it's amazing what you can get your kids to talk about around a campfire in the dark. Have a Beautiful Day!


P.S. I am glad we were backyard camping and not at the lake or somewhere far from home! :)

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