Sunday, September 13, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Ok this worked amazingly last time so I am doing this again, and posting it for you all to see! I am doing several crock pot meals this week since the Hubby is having knee surgery Tuesday, and I am not sure what all he will need me to do to help him this week. And since I am homeschooling Michael and working a few hours a week, I need convinced food, so I searched out some yummy crock pot meals for this week. Hope you enjoy!

Monday: Cantonese Dinner (Sweet & Sour Pork) served with white rice for the family and brown rice for me (I gotta cut calories where I can)
Find the Recipe here:

Tuesday: Soup & Sandwiches (Earl requested this) we will grill the sandwiches panni style, yummy!

Wednesday: Crock Pot Meatloaf... it's so easy just make your meatloaf like you normally do and then form it into a loaf shape then place in the crock pot to cook
Yummy Yummy!

Thursday: Grilled Chicken BLT's Salad with bread machine bread
(gotta dust the bread machine off)

Friday: Chicken, Rosemary, Onions and Apples (another crock pot meal)Find the Recipe here:

Saturday: Turkey Burgers (we love these premade frozen burgers from Aldi's)

Hope you enjoy the menu...

I have to say that, knowing ahead of time what I was planning to make saved time and money at the grocery store. Yeah! Gotta Love that! I even have next weeks done, I'll post it next week! Have a great week!


  1. that chicken with rosemary, onion and apple sounds awesome. Thanks.

  2. I just gotta say that I made mondays meal and doubled the sauce in the recipe and added red peper flakes and it was DELICIOUS! So Yummy! Served with rice! There were no leftovers, to have for lunch.