Friday, March 9, 2012

Unexpected Treasure!

Today we had no school! (Yeah!)  Which means no work for me, and the Hubby is usually off on Fridays so we decided to make a day of it and explore some of this great state we are in.  Hubby and I early in the week both began looking for ideas and without the other knowing had looked into going to Hutchinson, Kansas (just an hour and a half away) to visit the Salt Mine Check out their website here____!  We spent two fun hours exploring and learning all about the underground salt mine!  It was great!  We went with the package that included a train ride and the dark ride as well as admission to the mine/museum.  So worth the cost!  I took way more photos that what you see here but I was afraid the page would take to long to load if I added more!  Who knew we had such a great treasure so close to home! We  enjoyed a nice big breakfast at home, (after sleeping in of course) and then headed to Hutchinson.  


MR C & KJ Ready for the ride down! 

The Hubby & I ready to take the trip 650 ft down! 

 This mine we toured was hasn't been active since the early 50's.  The miners left some things behind, Campbells soup can, Hersheys Wrapper, a calender, tons of cups, papers and misc.. trash! They even left an empty trash can! 

 They store movie reels, scripts, and even some props from Hollywood movies! 

 This mine car (see the above two photo's) was made in Findlay, Ohio (My hometown) and shipped to the mine taken apart and then put back together in the mine.  It was used to transport miners to different areas of the mine! 
 The car used to transport the crew and host when they were in the mine film an episode of Dirty Jobs.  

KJ & MR C posing with a big block of salt!  

 We learned so much while we were there!  It was actually pretty interesting!  These signs with Salt Secrets were posted in several areas to tell you what you were looking at! 

 The above picture may look like a bad picture but all the dots you see are salt dust falling!  I kept tasting salt (every time I breathed in) and this is why! 
 KJ & MR C looking at one of the hands on displays.

After our tour and exploring we were hungry so we headed to a local favorite Bogey's for a late lunch.  They have more than 100 flavor combinations for milkshakes (i couldn't decide so I got a cone instead) as well as burgers, fries and more! 

I Love my Family! 

Have a Beautiful Day!

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