Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Musical Mission Trip 2012

I took well over 2,500 pictures while on this trip but I thought I'd share a few from each day and tell you a little about what I experienced each day as well.

Day 1:  Salida Colorado   (June 9, 2012)
Today we shared with Temple Baptist Church in Salida, CO at a park across from the church.  The view was incredible! Here are a few pictures!

Photo   Photo  Photo                              

Photo  Photo  Photo

Day 2: Cortez, Colorado (June 10, 2012) 
Today was my birthday!  We went to the Great Sand Dunes and shared with  First Assembly of God in Cortez, CO.

The Sand Dunes were amazing!  Huge mountains of sand surrounded by Mountains!  The view was breathtaking!   Sharing tonight several people came forward, one was a young girl whose father died the week before.  She said she had lost hope in God, but He opened her eyes tonight!  (Thank you Jesus!)

Tonight one scene in particular spoke to me as well, now I've been there since the beginning so I know the story line however the character of Aunt Lydia really hit me this night.  I had an amazing Aunt who always showed me that I was loved!

Photo   Photo  Photo
Photo  Photo  Photo

I will share more in the next few days!

Have a Beautiful Day!


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