Sunday, July 1, 2012

Musical Mission Trip 2012

Day 3: Hopi Mission School Kykatsmovi, AZ

Today we made a quick stop in Four Corners. (You know the spot where 4 states intersect)  It was a fun little stop.  Here are a few pictures:


As you can tell sometime we have to watch out for the sponsors being crazy and not the students! :)

After that we toured a Hopi Village on a Mesa.  There are three separate villages/area on the mesa.  The first is the most Americanized with full water and electricity.   The second area also has running water and electricity.  The third area highest on the mesa is the most primitive with no running water or electricity.  The first two areas have full time full year residence.  The third most primitive area had it's last  full time resident move out 6 months ago, however they still use the home there for their monthly rituals and ceremonies.  It was very interesting to see and hear about the villagers. The view was incredible, and I am sorry to say we were not permitted to take any photographs at any time on the mesa.  

Tonight we shared at the Hopi Mission School there was another youth group serving at the school that week, from West Virginia (I think).    They didn't seem to receptive at first then our Youth Pastor got a call from the youth pastor of that group and wanted us to know that the musical did make an impact.  Thank you Jesus for that.  We saw all along how God worked in the lives of those we shared with as well as our own every single night!

Here are a few pictures from the Hopi Mission School:


Day 4: Grand Canyon

WOW!  Words can not describe how amazingly beautiful the Grand Canyon is.  So I will left the pictures do the talking!




After the amazing day at the Grand Canyon, we met the students from FBC Scottsdale who would be joining  us for the next few days.  Here are few bus pictures and our meeting up with the FBCS students!



When we arrived in Scottsdale we were welcomed with cheers and smiles.  Made the night!

Stay tuned for more!

Have a Beautiful Day!


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