Sunday, July 1, 2012

Musical Mission Trip 2012

Day 5: Valley Christian Center Phoenix, AZ 

Today was one of my favorite days we went to the Valley Christian Center, and worked with the kids in the day care program.  This was also the first day we worked with the Scottsdale Students.  Today as I looked around the room at the kids that attend VCC and our kids and the Scottsdale kids all coming together singing (Jesus Loves Me) it made me cry.  Not little leaky tears but full out bawling! Then I had to laugh at myself.  But as I sat there and saw all the groups coming together praising God through song it touched my heart! It was beautiful! <3   I am not sure who had more fun the older students or the kids that attended VCC.  Here are a few pictures! 



After we left VCC we shared with FBC Scottsdale students at FBC Scottsdale



Day 6: Rainbow Acres Camp Verde, AZ

Today we went to Rainbow Acres.  A Christian ministry that provides residential care for 

adults with developmental disabilities.  The residence live in homes on the ranch.  Some work 

in the green house, others work in the kitchen, and some make crafts, paintings, etc.. to sell 

and generate some income.  Everyone we met and talked with were amazing!  Here are a few pictures.




The above two pictures are me with a resident Matthew!  He was so filled with love for Jesus!  He likes music, musicals and singing!  He even shared his headphones with me!  Makes my heart smile seeing these pictures!  And Matthews smiles are contagious!

Another incredible day!

Have a Beautiful day!


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