Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Musical Mission Trip 2012

Day 9: Fellowship of South Bays Lomita, CA & Heritage Bible Church Bakersfield, CA

Today was one of my most memorable days!  Today I met Ernesto.  Ernesto is a homeless man who lives in Lomita California.  We were cleaning up the breakfast that our wonderful cooks made, when one of the church ladies came into the kitchen to prepare coffee and snacks for their morning service.  She mentioned that they had a regular visitor who is homeless and wondered if we would mind if he came in to eat since we were done.  We said not a problem.  Infact we went ahead and saved him Ernesto came in, sat down and began eating.  I had finished up the dishes I was doing and asked if he minded if I sat with him while he finished his breakfast. I had made myself an extra breakfast burrito before he came in, and after seeing how hungry he was I offered him mine.  He gladly accepted and we sat and talked.  I asked him some questions and he asked me some as well.  Pretty soon it was time for the morning worship service to start so I had to leave but I told Ernesto that I hoped he would join us in the worship service that morning.  He did!  I went to him prior to the service starting and said I was glad he came. After the service we had to tear down quickly and get on the road because we were sharing at another church that night.  As we were busy tearing things down I noticed Ernesto hanging around.  I helped get my stuff done then went to him and said I was glad he stayed for the service,a nd did he enjoy it.  He said yes, then he took his backpack off and began rummaging through it and said wait I have something for you.  He handed me a plastic bag with all his treasures in it.  He said I don't have money to give you but I want you to have this and take it with you back to your church.  I stood there in awe.  I didn't know what to say.  This man who has nothing really of earthly value gave me the one thing he has that is valuable to him.  I thanked him and her turned to leave.  I went off to gahter my bags from the room we had slept in and told two of the sponsors through tears and choked out words what had just happened.  The gift Ernesto gave me is way more valuable than anything I could have bought on the trip.  I still have the bag and am trying to figure out a way to display them as a reminder of whats really important in life.

Here are a few pictures from that morning.  I did not get a picture of Ernesto, but if you could picture Andre the Giant (the Wrestler) with lots of hair and a big overcoat, that's pretty much what he looked like.  I am sure I will never forget!




The second part of this day we shared at Heritage Bible Church in Bakersfield, CA here are a few pictures from that part of the day!




This was my most memorable day!  Thank You Lord for showing me your love in those that I met today!

Have a Beautiful Day!


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